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(Note: A few of the pronouns listed are as confirmed by people on the LEGO Monkie Kid team, but have not necessarily been used in the show yet. These descriptions are free of any major spoilers!)

MK He/they Age unknown (implied adult)

The main character of the show, MK (real name unknown) is a noodle delivery boy and the successor of the Monkey King, with the title 'Monkie Kid' as a sort of alias. He loves hanging out with his friends, playing video games, and was a Wukong fanboy even before the two of them met. He's easily distracted, and can be impatient, and can sometimes be just a slight bit stupid and short-sighted, but they care a lot about their friends and they are willing to risk anything to be there for them and protect them.

He's proficient with the Golden Staff, and has a notable skill in operating vehicles. He has the power to replicate himself, communicate telepathically, grow and shrink his size, throw fire punches, and shapeshift. They were previously invincible and immune to physical damage, but Sun Wukong removed this power to reduce MK's power to a more manageable level, at their request.

MK has been drawn with the transgender flag by storyboard artist Mel Shin multiple times. This, combined with his aversion to saying his 'real name', and his comfort with using they/them pronouns, has lead people to believe that MK is trans-coded. There are multiple queer people working on the LEGO Monkie Kid team, so this could be intentional.

Mei She/her 23

Mei is the best friend of MK and is from the prestigious Dragon Family, who are descendants of the legendary White Dragon Horse. She is a kind, cheerful and eccentric girl who loves racing, video games and hanging out with her friends. Despite this, she is incredibly protective of her friends, and becomes scarily angry and serious when she believes that MK is hurt or in danger. She is kindhearted, but to underestimate her would be a mistake.

She has extraordinary skill with driving her motorcycle, the White Dragon Horse Bike, and is interested in racing with it. She is also an adept sword fighter when she gets the Dragon Blade. She has the ability to surround herself in a draconic energy whenever she uses her power.

Red Son Any pronouns 420

Red Son is a demon, and the son of Demon Bull King and Princess Iron Fan. He is a short-tempered inventor who builds weapons and tries to defeat MK's team to try to impress his father at any cost. They are prone to outbursts of rage whenever things don't go her way, or when she's challenged by those deemed inferior. He appeared in Journey to the West as Red Boy, but he gets frustrated when called that in the show. The reason for them (or someone else) changing their name is currently unclear.

Red Son has the ability to create fire, as well as having the ability to disappear, reappear, manipulate objects and create portals using said fire.

Tang He/him 41

An expert on the legends of the Monkey King, Tang is a well-informed self-proclaimed 'father figure' to MK. He's a foodie and is particularly fond of noodles, and would often tell stories about the Monkey King to MK to get free noodles in return. Because of this, he's called a freeloader by Pigsy. He's prideful about his knowledge and has a generally calm demeanor, but he becomes very excited and happy when allowed to talk about his interests, or when introduced to a new person who appeared in Journey to the West.

Tang is presumed to be the reincarnation of Tang Sanzeng, who is the main character in the Journey to the West.

Tang is the other instance of a character who could be considered notably queer-coded in the show. His disinterest in the two separate instances of beautiful women who try to court him is used as a point of comedy. On top of this, he is extremely excited to be around Sun Wukong, breaking his usually calm personality, and has a very close, albeit 'old married couple'-esque, relationship with Pigsy.

Pigsy He/him 43

MK's boss and owner / head chef of Pigsy's Noodles, Pigsy is another fatherly figure for MK. He's short-tempered and bossy, but deeply cares for his friends and looks after them the best that he can manage.

Pigsy is presumed to be the reincarnation of Zhu Bajie, who is one of Tang Sanzeng's disciples.

He is one of the only members of MK's team without any notable powers or abilities, but he still appears to be able to hold his own in a fight.

Sandy He/him Age unknown (adult)

Introduced as someone who was previously a soldier with a bad temper, Sandy is, as-of the time of the show, now in therapy and surrounded by therapy cats (including his most common companion, Mo). Although he kept his strength from his days as a fighter, he is most certainly now more of a lover. He's kind, generous, loves tea, and will use his strength mostly to protect his friends.

Sandy is presumed to be the reincarnation of She Wuking, who is one of Tang Sanzeng's disciples.

As expected from a former soldier, Sandy has strength beyond the average person. He is able to destroy vehicles with a single punch!

Sun Wukong He/him 5k+

Also known as the Monkey King, Sun Wukong is a legendary, immortal monkey and MK's mentor. He's confident, especially in battle, and doesn't shy away from a challenge. Since his retirement, he temporarily became known to laze around, relax and eat, not usually stepping in unless he's giving advice or it concerns MK's well-being. However, he still takes time to train MK. When he feels like the threat is too great, he has a tendency to run off to take care of the problem himself without telling anyone, in order to try and protect them. This, of course, leads to problems, even if he has good intentions.

Sun Wukong is a very skilled fighter. He has great speed, strength, agility and reflexes. He has what is called the 108,000 Leap Somersault, which he uses to dodge enemy's attacks, and he's very proficient with his Golden Staff, and can change its size. He is immortal (in five different ways). He also has the power to manipulate yellow Chi energy, generate clouds to ride on, shapeshift, replicate himself, communicate telepathically, and throw fire punches.

Macaque He/him 4k

Macaque (short for the Six-Eared Macaque) is a previous close friend of Sun Wukong. He describes Wukong as having abandoned him once he became powerful and Macaque stopped being useful to him. He's a very aggressive fighter, and has a cocky, shady and manipulative disposition.

Macaque's fighting abilities rivals those of Sun Wukong himself, able to take him in a one-on-one fight. He also has a dark staff of his own which he is skilled with. Thanks to his six ears, he has sensitive hearing; however, this can be used against him to cause him pain and temporarily paralyze him. Like Wukong, he is also immortal. He seems to control a form of dark Chi energy and can manipulate shadows. He can create a massive avatar of his image known as a Smoke Monster, and can shapeshift.

Demon Bull King He/him 5k+

The Demon Bull King (often called DBK for short) is an evil conqueror and enemy of the Monkey King. After being imprisoned for half a millennium, he is looking to take over Megapolis and the world with the rest of his family, Red Son and Princess Iron Fan. He craves power, and although his style of parenting Red Son at first was... Well... Questionable, let's say; later in the series, he seems to be making an effort to be kinder to him.

DBK has enhanced strength beyond that of a normal person's, and can project concentrated beams of energy. With the help of his armor, he can also absorb energy, which would let him become more powerful depending on which item he absorbed.

Princess Iron Fan She/her 5k+

The wife of DBK and the mother to Red Son, she is intelligent, cold, and ruthless. She, like her husband, wishes to rule the world and bring eternal darkness to it. While, unlike her husband, she doesn't seem to be making an effort to be a better parent for her son (actively taunting him for his failures and calling him things like useless at worst, and seeming indifferent to him at best), she does genuinely love and have an incredible soft spot for her husband.

Princess Iron Fan has good fighting skills, able to fight two enemies with just one arm. She is able to control wind with her fan, and, with this, she can fly, teleport people, and summon tornadoes.

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