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useful links !!

Monkie Central - a Twitter account for you to get your Monkie Kid news!

LMK Artists - a Twitter account highlighting the talented artists in the community!

LEGO Monkie Kid transparents - a Google Drive of exactly what it says on the tin!

LEGO Monkie Kid ships masterlist - a Google Doc of all of the known ship names in the fandom!

LEGO Monkie Kid wiki - the Fandom.com page for LEGO Monkie Kid! It has errors, but it's the biggest source of information regarding the show.

legoblog - a place to read the Korean comic adaptation of Monkie Kid, officially and for free!

Journey to the Future - a LEGO Monkie Kid fanzine!

This website is powered by fans! If you'd like to submit analysis, theories, or suggestions, email me at monkiefansite @ gmail.com!

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