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you're telling me a queer coded these characters ??

You can call me Mac. I'm a non-binary young adult, and you can use he/him or she/her pronouns for me. I'm also autistic, and LEGO Monkie Kid is my special interest, so you could say that this website is powered by both neocities and my autism.

Other than LEGO Monkie Kid, I really like The Owl House right now. My non-media interests include art, animation, psychology and queer history / activism.

I first began watching LEGO Monkie Kid around May of 2021, and my favorite characters are MK, Red Son, Mei, Sun Wukong and Macaque.

This website is powered by fans! If you'd like to submit analysis, theories, or suggestions, email me at monkiefansite @ gmail.com!

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